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Google Alerts returning junk?

Do you use Google Alerts to track competitors and your customers? Sometimes they're great, and sometimes they return absolute junk. Newslever delivers a daily email with actionable news to be better informed - all scored with AI. Pricing starts at just $99/month.

    A screenshot of the newslever dashboard that aggregates the best news and press releases for your top accounts.
    AI-Powered media monitoring

    Stop asking about the weather and start having real conversations

    Newslever aggregates the best news and press releases while filtering out all the noise. Stay engaged with your accounts while uncovering valuable opportunities for proactive outreach.

    A screenshot of the Hubspot integration for Newslever, an ai-powered tool for monitoring your top accounts.
    salesforce & Hubspot Integration

    This isn't another platform you need to bookmark

    Newslever integrates top news stories and press releases with tools that you already use.

    daily email digests

    A daily newsletter that you actually want to read

    Don't waste time sorting through Google News alerts. With Newslever, relevant & timely information is delivered to your inbox.

    A screenshot of the newslever email digest containing top news and press releases for your most important accounts.

    Always have the best news, without any of the junk

    Powered by Signal Insights' machine learning, 96% of 'news' stories that show in other platforms are removed, allowing you to focus on making decisions and building relationships instead of wasting your time.


    Here’s what you can expect during your demo:

    • We’ll ask a few questions about how you track your accounts now
    • We’ll show you a sample Newslever dashboard
    • We’ll explain the CRM integrations
    • We’ll walk through details of our two week free trial

    It’ll take us 15 minutes. 

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